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XGE tools & skills rule doesn't apply to skills challenges
add group checks to social conflict rules
be clear that option (1) does not take a spell slot
clarity that there is no Acrobatics check
also replaces distinction between trained/untrained
note use of specific beats general
re-organise skills challenge rules
Put in terms of ability checks.
house rules about tools
note about feather fall
finish skills challenges rules fo rnow
shorten column header
add spells column
fix numbering
more instructions
experiment with ikiwiki markdown
more formatting
another formatting attmept
table reformatting
new skills challenges page
drop an informative bug from "needs seconds" list
fix linebreaks. thanks gregor
Con saving throws in skills challenges
post some more policy bugs
add some notes about skills challenges
magic items variant rule
improve required reading section of house rules
new blog entry
add a comment
new blog entry
house rules for rolling dice
we /are/ using the variant inspiration rules
hide more info from table
add Nasr section
Valua has thunderstorms
hide Ixa'taka info from arcadia page
no footnotes on ikiwiki
new blog entry
set office hours
add "The end of class"
PHIL 220 sections page
add links to bugs
attempt to fix spacing
creating tag page tag/debian-policy
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Added a comment
see if libhighlight supports 'tex'
add links to sprint planning pages & reports
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add reference to enrico's talk
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shorten caption
text credit for group photo
Revert "group photo credit link"
This reverts commit f711f47cf6905fab5d0aa2c55a9bcee6a0d52505.
group photo credit link
add group photo
new blog entry
new blog entry
add electri
add to house rules: inspiration & social conflict
style form
add PGP trust paths form
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Added a comment
add double-spacing
Added a comment: Refreshing to see this…
update office hours
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note that Satz is on D2L
limit Smith to one chapter
restore Smith
update scheduling recommendations
clarify wording of discussion contribution requirements
note about T.B.C. lecture
notes on switching weapons
additional readings on D2L
increase discussion contributions and content in units 1&2
clarify extent of spell table
fix item & spell tables
fix heading levels
thematic renames for Arcadia campaign setting
additional house rules during play
undo accidental copy/paste
transfer info from google doc
add ToC