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office hours for this semester
question about light side philosophy
new blog entry
fix capital
add my usage notes for develacc container
Added a comment
Added a comment: DMs?
PHIL 205 for this semester
list of steps is only what dgit push-source does
point out that rest of team unaffected
make it clear that this is independent of pushing to salsa
Thanks anarcat for feedback.
new blog entry
creating tag page tag/dgit
new blog entry
new blog entry
fix some links
improve post title
note that less overhead with trad chroot
improve comments
improve layout of steps
Revert "add "continue reading this entry" to latest post"
This reverts commit 8a8262f9053540ee309345042b331810ce5ed685.
add "continue reading this entry" to latest post
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put longer column of links in centre of page
fix td tag
don't use inline pages for links
Not enough links to make it worth changing my .setup file to let
ikiwiki find the template.
add missing bare.tmpl
use some of layout from joey's ikiwiki homepage
Add "talks"
tweak tweak tweak
quotation marks
attempt to sell my Debian work better
redirect contact page
rework homepage
new blog entry
new blog entry
tag fix
need from unstable
can use other archs
show cmd properly
thanks joey
also import schroot module
this should be enough to run sbuild
new blog entry
add bloodied
XGE tools & skills rule doesn't apply to skills challenges
add group checks to social conflict rules
be clear that option (1) does not take a spell slot
clarity that there is no Acrobatics check
also replaces distinction between trained/untrained
note use of specific beats general
re-organise skills challenge rules
Put in terms of ability checks.
house rules about tools
note about feather fall
finish skills challenges rules fo rnow
shorten column header
add spells column
fix numbering
more instructions
experiment with ikiwiki markdown
more formatting
another formatting attmept
table reformatting
new skills challenges page
drop an informative bug from "needs seconds" list
fix linebreaks. thanks gregor
Con saving throws in skills challenges
post some more policy bugs
add some notes about skills challenges
magic items variant rule
improve required reading section of house rules
new blog entry
add a comment
new blog entry
house rules for rolling dice
we /are/ using the variant inspiration rules
hide more info from table
add Nasr section
Valua has thunderstorms
hide Ixa'taka info from arcadia page
no footnotes on ikiwiki
new blog entry
set office hours
add "The end of class"
PHIL 220 sections page
add links to bugs