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fix cmds
make Perl dists into their own headers
try again
try moving image
update Debian info
add API::GitForge
Added a comment
Added a comment
add link to Git::Annex
creating tag page tag/perl
new blog entry
remove some more old images
remove some old images
p-c-p backport
note about GRML
add mkdirs
generalise instructions a bit
increase toc levels
add toc
add cheatsheet
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Added a comment: Marxism reference
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strike out some house rules for now
playing remotely
step nine is really step nine
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dgit has made it into buster-backports
use an emdash
drop a link
drop parenthetical
where to find quilt options
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move spwhitton.asc to wikiannex.git, and link directly to key
So that fetching from the keyserver network may be avoided.
new blog entry
cancel some office hours
shorten tomorrow's office hours
update office hours
add Wall of Force ruling
add copresenters
use a dash, not a hyphen
add additional talks
timezone clarification
make URIs look slightly better
restore UA boilerplate text
add office hours
Summer 2019 syllabus updates
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org-d20: add MELPA installation instructions
org-d20: add MELPA badges
drop some bugs from list
fix date
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schedule office hours for this semester
update teaching page for this semester
add a page for org-d20
now seconded
fix formatting
creating tag page tag/systemd
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new blog entry
drop bug upon which consensus has not been reached
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reword and expand
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new blog entry
fix a broken link
dh-make-elpa has been adopted
boilerplate is now on the UA website
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edit list
update J&V page for this semester
more comments about DebCamp
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new blog entry
not just with Ian
new blog entry
new blog entry
finish fate notes for now
expand fate notes
fix system annotations
start fate page
move debian logo up a bit
fix path to Debian logo
add Debian logo to tech page
hermes is actually in active service
return hestia to active service
posts can reply to my posts