Recent changes to this wiki:

add literate-scratch
add link to papersway.git
add link to some HN comments
add link to recent video demo
additional spacing
tweak first para
add a paragraph break
note a few other commands
replace example, use non-breaking spaces
dagger symbol is not ASCII
add links to related projects
fix tags
add a page for papersway
drop comma
tweak wording again
expand link
don't use "particular[ly]" twice
tweak wording
mention normative ethical theory
rearrange the indented paragraphs
rearrange front
wording tweak
new blog entry
add link to the dissertation
and one more try
try another language for highlighting
new blog entry
updates to front page for leaving Tucson
try dropping emphasis
attempt to avoid wrapping in section title
publish dissertation, replace old version of abstract with a summary
new blog entry
paragraph break
fix links
don't have h1s be links
rework tech page again
add hstow to projects
more editing for accessibility and readability
not likely -> less likely
add title, fix typo
try to edit fg-daemon-gdb post for accessibility and readability
add alternative name
drop "Work in progress" section from research page for now
drop hyphenation
add some paragraph breaks
rewrite Debian and GNU Emacs sections of tech/ index
expand & rearrange research page, update dissertation abstract
drop an extra comma
drop some DebConf names & improve readability of Policy BoFs
consistently don't use final periods on talks page
don't use emphasis on talks page
update talks page
attempt to add link to academic CV
new blog entry
new blog entry
hide actions on front page again, just to reduce the number of links
compact the front page down
join paragraphs
Debian -> Debian GNU/Linux on front page
more simplifications to front page
simplify front page navigation
shorter description at top of blog front page
front page: update & tweak UA roles
backtick becomes an additional escape on the keypad layer
This is for consistency with the upcoming Advantage360 bindings.
add Advantage360 mappings
use a numbered list, not a bulleted list
be explicit about international key on the keypad layer
This will aid the readability of the Advantage360 mappings.
fix links
new blog entry
update machines list, boreas, iris -> erebus
add link to DebConf22 Consfigurator video
update machines listing
fix syntax highlighting language specification
attempt to fix indentation
drop broken title tag
tweak wording
attempt to use nbsp for some Lisp forms and key sequences
new blog entry
update UA e-mail address
add some office hours info
new blog entry
post rest of final exam questions
new blog entry
post final exam
new blog entry
new blog entry
update reading for final two weeks
add link to Protesilaos's description of transient-cycles
defmacro! description: fix plural
add transient-cycles to most recent entry
new blog entry
mention that Monday's reading is a PDF on D2L
fill in Monday's reading
drop unnecessary label
link to my GNU Emacs commits
add transient-cycles