Some user-visible changes are documented here. Version numbers have three components, major.minor.patch, with the following semantics:

  • we increment major for a release which contains particularly significant new features, enhancements and/or reworkings, whether or not upgrading to the release will require changes to user consfigs (though usually it will);

  • we increment minor for a release which does not satisfy the requirements for incrementing major, but where there are changes that could require changes in user consfigs, except very obscure such consfigs; and

  • we increment only patch for a release which includes no changes that we think could require changes in user consfigs.

Note that the notion of consfig-breaking changes is more than just strict API breaks, but also changes in behaviour which will likely require review by sysadmins using Consfigurator to maintain their systems.

In summary, you should always be able to upgrade to a release which only increments patch, but if either of the other two components have changed, you should review this document and see if your consfig needs updating.