Please note that these patches have not been updated since 2010. They are archived here for historical purposes.

placen command in Musca

Adds the Musca command placen which is identical to place except it consider WM_NAME rather than WM_CLASS in matching windows. Really badly written.


No pointless border in Musca

Here is a script for the Musca window manager that gets rid of the border round a frame when there’s only one on the screen, in tiled mode.

Put the script somewhere and add these lines to your .musca_start:

{.conf-space} hook on ^hsplit exec path/to/uselessborder/script right hook on ^vsplit exec path/to/uselessborder/script down hook on ^(remove|only) exec path/to/uselessborder/script none hook on ^(only|add) border off

Musca ‘run in terminal’

Adds a new command term which is the same as shell except it runs the command in a terminal (rxvt-unicode by default). This is supposed to be similar to the ‘run in a terminal’ checkbox you get in the run dialogs of mainstream desktop environments like Gnome and Xfce.