Sometimes I forget about retired names which might be reused for new machines that are spiritual successors. Hence this page.

Active service

zephyr : desktop workstation in Sheffield

hephaestus : desktop workstation in Tucson

iris : laptop

dionysus : tablet computer

athena : personal web, git and fileserver

hestia : low-powered ARM file server

hermes : smartphone

Semi-active service

poseidon : Debian Haskell Group build machine, donated by Exoscale


asteria : VPS for testing BigV

selene : SilentFlame cPanel server

hrothgar : SilentFlame VirtualMin server

XEN : first computer that I gave a name to

pan : DigitalOcean testing VPS

apollo : My first e-reader

demeter : ”Mr Whitton’s timers” web server

artemis : laptop 2009–2016—broke screen in the summer of 2016