I do not consider it wrong to say ‘dice’ when one means a singular object; some think it’s wrong to not say ‘die’. This is because dice means both in the English language I speak, maybe it doesn’t for some others but somehow we manage to communicate… Playing a board game at a friend’s house today and I was the only one of five to hold this view on die/dice. This is fine.

However later on I complained about a pronunciation of a word; Ben got the word wrong to my ears. So he said, what a hypocrite Sean, you claiming that is wrong is just like us saying that singular ‘dice’ is wrong. My reply was that I didn’t think he was aiming to alter/evolve the language when pronouncing this word (can’t remember what) whereas mine was with dice, so I was just helping out. Not sure this works.

Is there a distinction between these two cases? I’ve always felt the die thing is ultra-hard to argue for but this case is causing me to revise this view a little.