Ben invited his brother James, James and I over today to play board games, and we had a really really great time. I was looking forward to Settlers of Catan, probably the most famous non-mainstream board game out there, which is cool but I don’t actually seem to end up enjoying playing it that much, because (in the approx. three games I have played) I always seem to lose and never stop losing so it’s not great for me.

In the afternoon we played Arkham Horror which is brilliant. It’s co-operative, so you strategise with each other, and while the rules seem intimidating (had twenty-four pages PDF to read before the day) they’re not actually that hard so long as you are careful about what order certain things happen in. We only just one, and only with a lot of luck, and had a great time getting to that point; heartily recommended.

Also it seems I have rejoined Twitter—not actually me…

Edit 2/ix/2011: Ben found the complete works of Lovecraft to dip into, win.