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  Contents of the archives:

  Category        Contents
  Cards           3 page microprocessor instruction set cards
  Cnews           Front-end scripts for news posting (for Oxford use)
  CSP             CSP related files and CSP/TeX materials
  Documents       miscellaneous documents
  Mirrors         automatic copies of ftp archives originating elsewhere
  Music-Research  back issues of the Music Research Digest, etc.          *
  OBJforum        OBJ related files and mailing list back issues          *
  Occam           occam mailing list back issues, etc.                    *
  Packages        software packages
  Programs        Unix programs for Suns/Vaxen particularly
  SEP         Software Engineering Programme materials
  Systems         other things (e.g. the archive system software)
  TeXhax          TeXhax mailing list back issues, etc.
  Transputer      transputer mailing list back issues, etc.               *
  WWW             local WorldWideWeb tree (experimental - please ignore)
  Zforum          Z related files and mailing list back issues            *

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  Note that you may not request any of the top level directories in this
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