This came round earlier this term, (though of course I’m not an English undergrad):

Dear English undergrads,

The Critical Theory Reading Group will continue this term, and is always open to new members. The aim of the group is to generate discussion and learning about really important topics in ‘critical theory’, which spans literary, cultural, philosophical and historical studies. This means that we’re conceiving ‘critical theory’ as an absolutely massive topic, but the aim is to get ourselves intellectually involved with some of the most important and recent areas in ‘theoretical’ scholarship, which is an exciting project and a very important one too. The next session is on Wednesday Week 3 at 3-5pm at Trinity College, and will be about Posthumanism. You don’t have to know anything about it before to come along: just read the essay from 2011 that’s attached to this email and see what you think.

I would like to develop an an interest and knowledge in such things but unfortunately I couldn’t attend the meetings this term. It’d have be quite a fight through the obscurantism of the English students, too, I suspect.