In a recent daily Day9 made some suggestions for SC2-years’ resolutions, and I’ve decided to take one or two on, not as New Years’ resolutions but just as interesting things to try. Already after just five games they are making things a lot more fun. Here’s my personal combination of the suggestions:

  • Pick four units per match-up and only build these units.
    • PvP: Zealot, Sentry, Stalker, Immortal
    • PvT: Zealot, Sentry, Stalker, Archon
    • PvZ: Zealot, Sentry, Stalker, Colossi.
  • Attack at 10 minutes, and at 15, and at 20—at every 5 minute interval except at 5m, no matter what—pull back, though, if it’s clear you’re not going to win!
  • Really focus on “The Tap”, that is, continually checking through all production buildings AND structures that are building, by hotkeying e.g. assimilators at a new expansion.

Basically I want to work on my mechanics, because it is starting to happen that I’m hitting games when I just get out-macro’d, and I want a basic strategy that is sufficient in most cases for these low leagues that I don’t have to think about too much.

My builds are

  • PvP: 2 gate robo into pumping units for all these attacks plus upgrades
  • PvT: 3 gate expand into chargelot–archon with lots of upgrades
  • PvZ: FFE if poss. or 3 gate expand,[1] and then from both transition into a 5 gate push, and just keep pushing as required by above point, and either upgrades or colossi.

Last night I lost three games doing this and then today I’ve lost another three and won three. The three won were PvPs; basically I start gearing up for my attack and then just target fire any immortal he has with all my stalkers while making sure that the immortals are all attacking different stalkers or sentries. Assuming that I have more stuff, this tends to work.

I am gg’ing pretty much straight away on the approach of roach rushes to my forge and cannons, or any form of cheese, because I’m not scouting very much so I’m not in a very good position to try and deal with it as I’m focussing on the above. Taken together this is all a lot of fun!

[1] Would prefer three gate sentry expand but not a priority to learn this right now.