Riches to rags as Guardian bleeds £33m in a year | The Telegraph

It’s easy to forget just how small newspaper circulation figures are, even for papers much who sell many more copies than the Granuad, considering how important TV and radio news consider them to be.

Now trying to persuade mother to buy the Guardian every day; poor students such as myself can’t really afford it.

Here’s an interesting read about the media changing in the face of the Internet:

The News of the World closes as media’s tectonic plates shift | Will Self on Comment is Free

We will remain in this interregnum only for as long as media organisations remain unable to make web-based content – whether editorial, entertainment or social media – generate genuinely self-sustaining revenue. When it does begin to do so new hierarchies will be erected very speedily to exploit it, and my suspicion is that these new hierarchies will look very much like the old.