Spent ten minutes changing up my Org capture setup. Now I have immediate capturing from my web browser: select some text, hit C-M-c and Emacs gets switched to (an annoying side-effect but I can just switch window back and at least I know it worked) and this gets written to refile.org:

  ,* SOMEDAY [[http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/may/05/av-referendum-paddy-ashdown-david-cameron][AV referendum: Paddy Ashdown accuses Cameron of breach of faith | Politics | The Guardian]]  :ToRead:
  ,:Captured: [2011-05-05 Thu]
  ,Exclusive: Lib Dem grandee and Nick Clegg ally calls PM 'grave disappointment' and says no campaign has told 'regiment of lies'

which is pretty convenient, the link being clickable/return-able. Less effortful than previous system of having to type a title and his C-c C-c in Emacs to confirm.

I’ve also moved timestamps and contexts into properties drawers since I rarely refer to them so it’s not important enough to have in the subtree—and you can never have enough properties. Hopefully this will not cause any actual problems.

  ,* TODO Do something interesting
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  ,Here is some blah