Reasons to live in Seoul from Buzzfeed

Some nice pictures

10 things South Korea does better than anywhere else

A bit tongue in cheek.

Farewell to the {Balliol} library chairs

Warning: slightly sickening prose style

Highlights video from Balliol’s 750th anniversary celebrations

Watching this video, I was reminded of the power of PR people. Balliol is very unlike what was presented in this video. It is so much less professional and so much more ordinary. I get e-mail newsletters in which I got a link to this video. These in particular give the inaccurate impression that there is loads of stuff going on.

It was nice to see so many familiar faces when watching this.

The Dismal State of Flirting in English-speaking Cultures

The guy who wrote this describes himself as a “life enthusiast” and has published an ebook about “how to seduce women by making yourself vulnerable”, so one must be careful with anything he has written. But I think this article makes some interesting points. I just have no idea how true it is that non-English speaking cultures are different.

How to Write and Make Up To Zero Dollars A Week On Your Computer, Without Leaving Home by delicioustacos

A lot of the stuff on this blog is quite offensive but often (though definitely not always) insightful. The comments section is a lot of fun.