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This is a really interesting look at the parts of Korea that have been left behind a bit by the urbanisation, technologicalisation etc.

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The author’s argument that skills for the working world are better acquired by freer schooling is plausible. However, such play is useless for getting the academic grounding required for high studies. And for those who aren’t best suited to going on to university, it’s useless for opening their minds and widening their perspectives during the only opportunity science has to do so.

Free Markets and the Myth of Earned Inequalities

How to Get a Job With a Philosophy Degree

Andrew Delbanco, a professor at Columbia, writes in his book, “College: What It Was, Is and Should Be,” that colleges should help students develop “a skeptical discontent with the present, informed by a sense of the past.” Can liberal-arts schools encourage students to question the status quo while simultaneously reminding them from their first days on campus to keep their employability in mind?