I’ve spent some time today cleaning out my website content. It felt pretty silly to be rewriting the about page about how the site gets published when there is now so very little on it. But the point is that I still want the site because there are still things I want to be publicly available (e.g. my CRUX notes) so it’s good to have it slimmed down to just that stuff.

I will consider it finished (though still to be kept up to date) when I finish writing up my workstation setup notes and my LaTeX notes.

I’ve also spent a little time reviewing my task list for this blog (certainly not the list of “things to write about”, which is overflowing). I’ve improved on some CSS and given up on improving some other CSS, and don’t care too much about the aesthetics beyond that, but one thing that is sorely lacking is pagination and search, which make finding older posts hard even for me and I flippin’ wrote them so know them best. I am waiting until a stable version of PyBlosxom 1.5 is out before I try to set those up due to various annoying technical problems.