As I’ve mentioned before I’m currently greatly inspired by the second year PPEists who work extremely hard, in general. My goal is to make myself Just Work in this way, by which I mean that everything else is secondary, a break from work for practicalities or socialising or occasionally for a relaxation break, rather than work just being one of the many things that I do. This is how I will succeed.

A barrier to this is a subconscious belief that I have a lot of other things to do. Can’t work right now because I better check out my todo list and empty my inbox, or something, and it just keeps coming back to me, and I probably lose two or three hours a day to this, sometimes even more. That’s a pretty big deal. The thing is, I don’t actually have that much to do anymore besides my degree. I don’t hang around the JCR or the bar, my extra-curricular commitments are minimal. Just work! Going to see if I can build up some better habits surrounding this. I am now up til around 2am two nights a week, one for Philosophy and one for Maths, and it’s definitely taking its toll; perhaps I can improve on this situation (probably not).