This is the easiest way I can find to make LaTeX render my Unicode Hangul characters on Debian.

,# apt-get install ko.tex ko.tex-extra


The \SetHangulFonts line chooses a sans-serif font which I prefer for Korean. There are packages dhucs-enumitem, dhucs-enumerate and dhucs-paralist if you want your lists numbered in Korean too. To get things like “Contents” in Korean, try the hangul and hanja options to the kotex and dhucs-setspace packages above.

For use with Org-mode:

#+LATEX_HEADER: \usepackage[nonfrench,finemath]{kotex} \usehangulfontspec{ut} \SetHangulFonts{utgt}{utgt}{uttz} \usepackage{dhucs-setspace} \usepackage{dhucs-gremph}

Making use of this to make myself a sheet of number vocabulary to learn.