It finally hit most of us last night, at the final bop of the year, that it’s the end of our third year and thus the end for most of their lives as undergraduates, and for some of us the end of being a member of a proper-sized yeargroup as we go into the socially quite different fourth year.

The bop was amazing, so, an appropriate conclusion. My friend Ali and I dropped an absolutely massive set, taking the room through eighties dance through the nineties to the present day (actually it was just a load of 80s and then it jumped to 2011). Each track we were nervous over whether or not the floor would suddenly clear but actually people really liked it, and we had a great time both putting it together that afternoon and playing it out. When it reached the end the next DJ hadn’t shown up so we scrapped our last ‘fun’ track, Take On Me, and kept playing heavier and heavier dance since the mood of the room was with us, which was a lot of fun. And someone noticed one amazing transition between two tracks that we were really proud of and didn’t expect anyone else would care about.

When it came to the end the lights got turned back on after we’d only had about 10 seconds of the final track, so of course we started chanting, but then someone had the brilliant idea of playing a further 20 seconds and then switching off (so college porter wouldn’t complain any further) and then we managed to sing a further verse and chorus ourselves, in time, before just repeating the chorus over and over. Plenty of crying from those leaving. This was our Balliol, I thought, as I looked around.