I’ve been using the new powered rails to make my subway stations elegant to use, which works well and they work in both directions (though haven’t got a neat way of going straight through the station when you have no need to stop yet). However they’re not as good as a traditional booster, but they’re neat and tidy, and I have two-way boosters further down the tunnel when they’re needed to automatically speed things up.

I’m now at a point where, aside from starting a major new building project (when I do do this: I want to go on an exploration mission to find a valley in which to construct Orthanc and the rest of Isengard according to this description) the only thing I can do is do hours of strip mining and finish off my subway network (need moar iron) or go and finish my Mob Grinder. The interesting parts of both of these projects are done and now it’s just grinding to finish them. So now seems like an ideal time to uninstall Minecraft for the term. While it’s not been distracting me from work, not stopping me doing my usual six hours per day, it is getting in the way of doing all the other stuff I have to do and want to do.