Something frustrating happened this week. Friend bought StarCraft II, great, but there was no serial number in the box, not so great. Blizzard wanted a picture of the receipt and the box for proof of purchase before supplying a replacement key, fine, friend has no camera, so I take a shot using mine. To get photo onto computer need to open back of phone and put card in, turn phone back on and copy it to card, then take card out again, couldn’t open phone, threw it hard at the floor to ‘loosen’ it, phone now won’t turn on, so have broken phone and failed to achieve sorting serial number. Place order for new phone, friend refuses to ask someone else and places order for cable to connect his phone to his computer.

After obnoxious Windows Phone stuff on my computer as friend does not have his own computer in Oxford, acquire photos. Blizzard then refuse to give key. I write a very assertive message for my friend in his trouble ticket and they cave and upgrade his account.

Meanwhile my phone has still not arrived. Turns out it got posted to SilentFlame, Balliol College not Sean Whitton, Balliol College. V. frustrating. Now finally have phone.

New phone is decidedly less annoying than previous one (though even more basic, no camera or memory card capacity or MP3 playing capabilities) so I am going to make another attempt to actually get good at responding to texts and calls, as good as I am with e-mails. Old phone frequently gave me no indication I was being called until immediately after the other person gave up, and also it would randomly turn off. Hopefully new one will not.

Just spent an hour typing numbers into the phone; now to head back to the library.