I don’t usually make these. I have a list of self-improvement goals and I do a couple a month; often I then lapse, so a month or two later I do the same goal again to cement it. However it’s nice to have a few new years’ resolutions that are fairly ordinary, right? Here are some easy ones, then.

  • Only drink water and fruit juice except in a pub/bar/party (restaurants not included). I.e. cut out sugary soft drinks. I don’t actually drink them anyway so this is not too hard.
  • Stop eating sweet things except: after meals, when someone else offers it, in a coffee shop, and still allowed to buy sweets since I don’t do this very often anyway (but no more than once per week, but again I do that already). Crisps certainly not included.
  • (Edit 26/xii/2011) Also stop biting nails again; I managed this some months ago but then lost it, so time to do it again.