Here’s are some of the bugs against the Debian Policy Manual. Please consider getting involved.

Consensus has been reached and help is needed to write a patch

#542288 Versions for native packages, NMU’s, and binary only uploads

#556015 Clarify requirements for linked doc directories

#578597 Recommend usage of dpkg-buildflags to initialize CFLAGS and al.

#682347 mark ‘editor’ virtual package name as obsolete

#685506 copyright-format: new Files-Excluded field

#759316 Document the use of /etc/default for cron jobs

#761219 document versioned Provides

#770440 policy should mention systemd timers

#902612 Packages should not touch users’ home directories

#905453 Policy does not include a section on NEWS.Debian files

#907051 Say much more about vendoring of libraries

Wording proposed, awaiting review from anyone and/or seconds by DDs

#786470 [copyright-format] Add an optional “License-Grant” field

#910548 base-files - please consider adding /usr/share/common-licenses/Unic…

#919507 Policy contains no mention of /var/run/reboot-required

#920692 Packages must not install files or directories into /var/cache

Merged for the next release

#897217 Vcs-Hg should support -b too

#917431 virtual packages: logind, default-logind

#920355 Permit branch specifications (”-b”) in Mercurial Vcs-Hg headers

#921963 add link to in…

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