Pyblosxom 1.5 is finally out (and in fact 1.5.1), so I’ve upgraded this blog. The main thing I’ve been waiting for is a working pagination plugin, so this site should be much easier to move around now: there are next and previous links to find older entries without digging into the archive (and some entries completely inaccessible without the permalink are now linked).

I’ve also added a search boxes across the site, which make use of the excellent DuckDuckGo, and changed the way my /writing entries are managed. They are no longer linked to from the top of every page—I think this was a bit pretentious—and I’m also truncating what gets displayed on index pages with a “read more” link. This is to avoid massive walls of text on the front page, making it harder to navigate. Unfortunately I suspect this means that my RSS feeds won’t contain the full text of articles anymore, which is annoying, so sorry about that to the three people subscribed via RSS.