This page was originally static content on my website. I have incorporated it into my blog, entry dated the last time I believe it was edited, as a more appropriate place to archive old things like this.


2007-05-31 - messed up call change calling

2007-06-07 - successfully called “Almost back rounds via royalty” - call changes on six

2007-06-11 - first tower grab - Walkley - quite hard to ring, very deeply set

2007-06-12 - second tower grab - Ranmoor - nice bells and nice place - called simple call changes and told a learner where to change on each one

2007-06-30 - first wedding; lots of rain. Rung 60 on 3rds and called my thing with tittums too with Simon’s help (numerous impossible changes)

2007-07-20 - rang at Morecambe Parish Church on the Friday evening, and did a wedding on the Saturday afternoon. Rung Sunday morning at Morecambe again. Got confused by alternative way of calling call changes.

2008-01-00 - associate member of Yorkshire Association of Change Ringers per January 2008 meeting.

2008-01-31 - rung Bail’s bob minor on the second, spliced in plain hunt to bring it round.

2008-07-00 - Whirlow Course 2008.

2008-08-07 - first outing with my band around Derbyshire. Got back very late into Sheffield on minibus.

2008-10-09 - first properly successful affected touch of Plain Bob Minor; no shouting at me required.

Towers grabbed

Used to be a table of towers I’ve visited here, but I stopped keeping track.