Revision getting a bit better; I am able to write out a lot of standard proofs now, but still got a lot of past papers to get through. Last year come this point I lagged and barely did any work because I’d worked for three weeks, didn’t know enough and knew the exams didn’t matter. But this time they do matter so I seem to be capable of stepping up the number of hours; I’ll probably do eight today. Still lots of stuff I don’t know but every question does actually teach me something more and raise my possible mark, so that’s good.

Been watching my way through the second season of Legend of the Seeker; I don’t get why it got renewed for a second season but then cancelled because the second season is a lot better: they’ve managed to merge each-episode-has-distinct-plot and overall-story much better than the first series where the latter was just “guy trying to take over world”. Shame there aren’t many episodes left and then it’ll be over. Just like, on that note, Game of Thrones which finishes its first season tonight; gotta wait a whole year for the next one :(

It’s also improved by the addition of a fourth main character, and a lot more offensive magic on the part of Zedd, even to the point of gratuitous fight scenes.

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