I would like to be able to access my e-mail and instant messenging from South Korea but I don’t want to have to trust any terminal there with my shell account password. Enter Skeys.

I now have a printed list of 99 passwords, that will each work once. That way it will require a lot of effort to break into my account by a third party there: they’d have to be ready to pounce with a VNC to steal control of a computer I was using, which is much harder than just using keyloggers (and what’s more I’d be aware of the breach).

I am really hoping that port 22 is not blocked, though, or at least that I can run a putty.exe executable and get on via an alternative port. Unfortunately skeys don’t work with SDF’s telnet access, which is very frustrating.

Unfortunately e-mail isn’t really enough as lots of people now use Facebook to communicate. There is no way I am typing my Facebook password into a browser! Fortunately you can reply to Facebook messages by e-mail and comment on wall posts that way, the only problem is that you don’t get all messages e-mailed to you, just a sample from the thread. Enter fbcmd to view the rest.

I want to set up my SDF account to post to my blog, so that I can write on that while I’m away. That should be all my bases covered, assuming that 99 logins is sufficient, but if I need more I can always use someone’s laptop of a friend I trust to generate some more.