Spending a little time this evening clearing out a shelf on my bookcase which has a pile of unsorted first year work on it; it’s mostly revision material from the end of first year and I put it there when I got home and never sorted it out. There’s no point in filing it very meticulously as I’m not likely to look for a good while (aside from a few pertinent Philosophy of Maths topics I took a look at) so I basically just split it into Logic, essays and Maths.

The interesting thing here is looking over the essays. I love writing essays! I’m pretty decent at it, even if the philosophy lying behind them remains as undeveloped as ever, and I really enjoy it. Whenever I struggle with the more difficult parts of this subject I should rest easy with having my bases covered. Maths & Philosophy. What a degree.

Freshers’ week plans are coming together and the e-mails are starting to come in, getting me even more excited about going back. Philosophy essay collection! I’ve only had one of these before in my time at Oxford.