The walk out of Exam Schools, when you realise you’re on the finishing stretch and your friends are waiting for you outside, really feels like you’re in a movie. Unfortunately it got less smooth after that point as I didn’t realise that three seperate groups of friends were there to meet me and some only met up with me when I’d got all the way back to college… Great atmosphere nonetheless.

I expected to be overjoyed and ecstatic at finishing, and looking forward to celebrating. Instead my dominant feeling is “thanks goodness I can now get on with my life”. I’ve spent the past two months, and in particular the past three weeks, putting everything aside in favour of preparing for weird three hour sessions of writing, and now I want to get on with the host of other things that I’m interested in.

There will be celebrations—fourth years all going out tomorrow night. But mostly just looking forward to heading into college and reading in the sun.