I have a distinct memory of walking along Carterknowle Road with my sister and father many years ago attempting to get my sister to get outside herself by asking herself the question: why am I living this life rather than any other? This is something I am sure we have all done to ourselves and others many times. In fact there is a bit in The View from Nowhere where Thomas Nagel describes it and expresses his discomfort. It is a deeply unsettling feeling that is very unpleasant to experience.

The thing is that I’m getting it multiple times per day at the moment and am finding it harder and harder to shake. I’m sure it’ll pass.

This /scraps category should encourage me to shove stuff up without the pretension of categorising it under /philosophy — this is also why I have /writing/thoughts rather than /writing/philosophy for my own stuff, whereas /philosophy is for stuff I come across from others.