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When hunters are out with their dogs,<br />Their prey, a wild boar or a lion,<br />Will suddenly feel its strength and turn.<br />The men close their ranks like a wall<br />and throw their javelins thick and fast,<br />but the valiant animal stands its ground,<br />it charges the ranks of men, testing them,<br />and where it charges, the men fall back. —Homer

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I have become convinced through personal experience, discussions with my late philosophy tutor Bob and some others, and exposure in written form to the Eastern concept of mindfulness, admittedly in a westernised form, that many of my views on the value and place of intellectual activity are wrong. I’ll try to set this out in a way that I am currently thinking about it in. Then I’ll say how, at present, this realisation seems to have left me worse off.

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April Jones: Matthew Woods jailed for Facebook posts | BBC News

I am stunned; I had no idea we had laws that could jail someone for this. Time to move to the States? I mean if he’d been got under inciting violence due to the number of people that came to his house maybe that’d be something, but the verdict of the judge sounds like the kind of thing you’d get in a blasphemy hearing to me.

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How to make friends with a fresher | The Guardian education

Unfortunately I think they’re a bit young.

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Last night I went to see the new film adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower, which is my very favourite book. It’s a good film, well-adapted (with the author as director and writing the screenplay) and there are very few things which I disliked about what was there. I don’t like the way Mary-Elizabeth was portrayed as being a bit of a stereotype, and I think that when they come out of the tunnel the city is the thing to focus on, not the bridge ahead of them. It was nice how they used the actual words from the book for the most important scenes. And I think the places where the story changed were probably Chbosky trying to improve on the strange things in the book, such as Charlie’s visit to Bill’s house.

I didn’t find that the film surpassed the book in any respects, though. The way Charlie writes is, it seems, really important to giving force to what he is trying to say. That’s why I like how they brought that back in for a couple of important scenes, but, there should have been more. I was also disappointed with the lack of stuff about Charlie’s family, both immediate and extended. To me these are some of the richest parts of the book. I guess there just wasn’t room in the film for them.

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Ailee – I’ll Show You MV | kpoppeach

The ‘Rihanna of Korea’.

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A Hitch Hiker’s Guide To Philosophy

Bob in microcosm. This is as good as it gets.

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