Joey Hess’ setup

Dial-up Internet going through a SheevaPlug all running off solar power in a remote mountain cabin.

I am excited to have started using the new git-annex assistant, written by Joey, as of yesterday evening. I received an external HDD for my birthday tomorrow and this means I don’t want to manage my git-annex repository completely manually anymore. I’ve taught git-annex where I want stuff to be stored and it’s keeping it in the right places for me.

My laptop’s hard drive is no longer in danger of running out of space, which is great.

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Introduction to Philosophy | Coursera

A new lecture each week, from philosophers at the University of Edinburgh. Looks really interesting.

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Came across a load of photos of our group during our stay in Ssanggyesa:

하동 쌍계사 템플스테이 :: 네이버 블로그

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This week I’m writing an essay on the explanatory gap problem of consciousness. My essay will stick to examining Dennett’s views on consciousness. So I’m reading a lot of Dennett. continue reading this entry

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I discovered that the colour laser printer at the university computing department, which you can print from for 25p per A4 sheet, is good enough quality for making posters. So, having one wall of my room looking conspicuously blank, I printed some images I like that I have stored on my computer and put them up.


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Phi2Phi is a peer-to-peer iPhone and iPad app for philosophers to test counterexamples, ask questions, and float ideas—all anonymously. You can:

  • Try out ideas, arguments, thought experiments, and counterexamples.
  • Run informal surveys and micro-polls.
  • Share results on Facebook.
  • Crowdsource reading suggestions and references.
  • Crowdsource teaching suggestions and tips.
  • See what others are thinking about.
  • Pass the time at the bus stop.
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I want to write about the term since I just handed in my last piece of work, but first two reasons why I am reluctant to go ahead and do so.

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