After Jonathan pointed out that a list of recent blog-style posts at the top of my blog will allow those who aren’t interested in the tumblelog content to filter out my writing, I’ve merged my two blogs as planned. Jonathan has also suggested some visual improvements to my blog’s CSS.

Going to have to spend a little time recategorising things; under /writing/ I don’t need many categories at all as I consider that stuff not to be a resource in the way that some of my tumblelog posts can be (somebody e-mailed me recently to say they’d made use of some ERC code of mine found on my tumblelog!). So I’ll go through all my current posts soonish and then continue with the migration of content from the old blogs.

Merging the git repositories of the two blogs was pretty painless:

git remote add notes ../notes
git fetch notes
git merge notes/master
git remote rm notes