Back and pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to sync up my computers. It took a while because of being ultra-careful to avoid a repeat of my recent e-mail disaster but everything seems to be just working and identical to my laptop despite being untouched for so long. The power of config files. Syncing up music also proving to be pretty painless. This all shows how settled my environment now is, without incessant changes needing to be synced. I’ll introduce a temporary layer of pain when I switch from Arch to CRUX because customisations to make things work that I haven’t documented won’t be there until I do them but again it’s going to become a one-time thing.

Updating my website a bit flaky for some reason; Org-mode caches that keep track of which files need re-publishing don’t seem to like moving between hosts, which surprises me. Maybe it’s just git messing up mtimes though.

Have got most of my unpacking done now but am finding myself seized with a strange desire to get rid of stuff. I have so many things floating around, decorations in my room, keepsakes, things that have a use but I rarely/never use, and I just want to get rid of them. I want clear surfaces; I feel it crowding in on me. I hope this is not the effect of reading blog posts on Internet hipster minimalism, a philosophy I despise. But less stuff would make life easier when I have to move back and forth. Not sure how best to get rid; charity shops probably best place to start.

Also good that I keep wanting to write about things like this on here; nice flow, which is what I wanted: it just shows that you can achieve what you think is good even if your habits don’t presently match up. Speaking of this I think I’m off to a good start with an efficient afternoon of unpacking and sorting stuff out.