As I said I would I’ve recreated my Facebook account, very minimally. Frustratingly, as I trawled through the settings to switch various things off, I discovered a feature to download all your messages, photos, wall posts etc. which I could have used to archive my old account, which would have been nice—sad that that’s now an impossibility.

If I know you in real life and actually see you frequently, feel free to add to your friends. I’ll be ignoring people I don’t really have real life contact with; you’re very welcome to e-mail me though…

I am trying out TheFriendMail to get my news feed e-mailed to me. Don’t like using a piece of proprietary software for this but not any different to using Facebook itself.

This means that I’m back on Facebook chat, so I’ve hacked up a ZNC module to switch this on and off when I detach and reattach from the bouncer, because Facebook’s XMPP implementation doesn’t allow you to set yourself as away.

#+INCLUDE ~/.znc/modules/spwbitlbee.cpp