So. Spaced emdashes, spaced endashes or unspaced emdashes to separate thoughts in sentences – like this – is my evening’s dilemma. Not the question of whether Mill made a substantial contribution to ethics; no, tonight we have TYPOGRAPHY.

The three variants:

  1. This is — a spaced emdash
  2. Here is a—unspaced emdash
  3. Here is – a spaced endash

And the issues:

  • The first option is non-standard.
  • The second option is the standard American English.
  • The third option is the standard for British English.

My dilemma is: I like emdashes and want to use them, but I speak and write British English. Further, if I adopt option 3 (as seems likely), shall I still allow myself spaced emdashes in such as titles?

This isn’t even a #firstworldproblem. This is a #zerothworldproblem.
Comment by james Thu 05 May 2011 18:38:31 UTC