There are three of us living here, and the plan is to switch all three of us from wireless to wired ethernet Internet connections by transporting cabling through the ventilation system using this remote-controlled car.

Here’s an action shot we took. My housemate put on his “Gaming” playlist and it reached a very suitable crescendo as we guided the car through its final journey, pulling the last piece of cotton which we would then use to pull the final cabal through. The timing of the music couldn’t have been better. It reflected the risk of losing control of the car as we moved the controller around to enable the car to pick up the radio signals. A further risk was caused by the car only being able to turn right, not left, and there not being enough room in the air duct for it to make a full-circle rotation. Our backup plan was to try tossing a ball tied to a piece of string down the duct.

Unfortunately I’m still on a wireless connection because to reach my room we’d have had to send the cable via the furnace/air conditioning unit which we decided against.

Does a SATA-to-USB converter, for moving data off my old laptop hard drive which I had to replace this week, need to be this complicated?
Comment by simonft Mon 15 Feb 2016 15:37:58 UTC
I’m not sure, but it said on it that it is safe up to a certain temperature and that temperature is significantly higher than the air the heater is capable of putting out – it’s a very old, low-powered heating system.
Comment by spwhitton Tue 16 Feb 2016 21:48:16 UTC