Faster than light particles found, claim scientists | Science | The Guardian

Scientists at the Gran Sasso facility will unveil evidence on Friday that raises the troubling possibility of a way to send information back in time, blurring the line between past and present and wreaking havoc with the fundamental principle of cause and effect.

I wonder what Hume would have to say about this. For him reliance on causality is an animal instinct that we have no choice about; does this disprove him because we’re capable of conceiving otherwise on this occasion or is it just the case that we are applying our induction at a higher level?

Well, first someone would have to explain to him modern physics; I guess that’s why questions like this are sort of uninteresting to me- I’m not sure people, even great thinkers, from so long ago could really say anything more interesting on this than modern thinkers (I don’t mean just scientists by that, I mean everyone).

Comment by jr512 Mon 10 Oct 2011 21:20:20 UTC
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This is why I need to learn more about quantum physics: to decide whether or not it manages to break free of Hume’s framework.  All other Science I have encountered fits his account, so we can make him say stuff about it, but maybe quantum is different in some way, I don’t know.

Comment by sean Mon 10 Oct 2011 22:05:58 UTC