This page is just an old in-joke. Don’t take it seriously.

This page was originally static content on my website. I have incorporated it into my blog, entry dated the last time it was edited, as a more appropriate place to archive old things like this.

Images missing, will add at some point.

Little Quolly

This is Holly, a small brown bear who belongs to my sister but who spends a fair amount of time with me. She has many personality traits and I am going to document some of them on this page. Info on Flossie, the large white rabbit, may eventually appear too.

January 2007 Holly has recently started behaving like a cat with regular mewing and wearing of a collar. She says that she felt sorry for a shopkeeper who wasn’t selling any of his vegetarian cat food because cats are not vegetarians. Holly is, and therefore she decided to start buying and eating as much as she possibly can. We are concerned.

March 2007 Holly found a new friend this weekend. A green insect found its way inside and landed upon her paw. She promptly named it Harold. We left her happily holding him for several hours but on return found her in the utmost of distress as her new pal had left her. She is yet to recover.

January 2008 Holly has been asking everyone whether they are “baby nummers” (cos wu not yet fully grown) or “tasty morsels” (despite her vegetarianism). We are not quite sure why yet.

Important news A new bear has joined the family! Rupert Keiran (RK, Roadkill) was found by the side of the road yesterday and has now been cleaned up, and will be added to this page shortly :)