This page is just an old in-joke. Don’t take it seriously.

This page was originally static content on my website. I have incorporated it into my blog, entry dated the last time it was edited, as a more appropriate place to archive old things like this.

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There is a gentle knock at your door. The curtains are drawn back, and sunlight pours in through the tall sash windows. You rise and take a leisurely bath. Entering the lounge, you see that the breakfast table has been laid perfectly to your liking. And so another day begins in your Mayfair residence.

Welcome to the YHFPD cult - Official shop

All shall bow down to the one who wrote the very fabric of our world, the creator of the holy image, Trudetski.

Fellow brother, welcome to the cult’s website. This page lists those devoted to the cause.

  • Father Soya (Sean)
  • Brother Tuna (Jonathan)
  • Brother Moose (Ben)
  • Brother Hall (Pete)
  • Brother Pasta (Adam)
  • Brother Gammon (Stephen)