Exciting news, I’m off to South Korea to spend a month teaching English to university-aged students this summer. I was on the reserve list for the free travel, accommodation and food trip but enough people have dropped out that I can go.

It’s not some private scheme taking advantage of Oxbridge students, but in fact it’s a government scheme that’s very competitive at the Korean end—the students have to pass tests etc. to get on it. And for both us and our students it’ll be very intensive, non-stop for four weeks.

I think the teaching will be fun, since I like teaching, but I’m most looking forward to going to a completely different part of the world and seeing what it’s like. Apparently Korea is easier to get around for an English speaker than your average European country, with lots of signs and announcements in English. I’ll have to do some reading on what is worth seeing.

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Awesome! I was thinking of applying for that and never got round to it… :(. There might be next year, I suppose.

Comment by jgh Wed 14 Mar 2012 20:36:29 UTC