When I used to run Arch Linux on my laptop I got something like a 40–50% improvement in battery life over the previous Debian installation by enabling pretty aggressive power saving using laptop-mode-tools, so naturally I wanted to replicate this setup under CRUX. I couldn’t get it working initially so I put it aside until later in the summer; after spending the past couple of hours on trying to fix this I have admitted defeat.

One reason why I am not pursuing this further is that my HDD tells me it has been spun up and down over 300k times, or rather a mysterious number that has some relation to spinning up and down is over 300k, and I am told that this is past the dangerous point. I have no data that is not on more than one hard drive for very long, but this makes me more wary of enabling any more power management.

Would be great to have some more concrete information on this; nothing much to go on right now so playing it safeish.