It’s clear that I need to start my serious academic work, as opposed to the background reading I’ve been doing gradually for weeks. Once it’s started, it’s fine, I can just churn away at it. So tomorrow I shall get up, go for a run and then settle down to some abstract algebra. The following morning, I’ll make a start on my philosophy. It’s all about starting it, and dissolving the imaginary fear associated with that.

Thinking I’ll sit down and complete my “Prep laptop for term” todo item tomorrow, because I’m not really changing my CRUX setup at all now (aside from the occasional additional package) and it would be nice to clear away the large number of “fill this in” todos associated with my CRUX setup documentation out of my way. It’ll involve lots of sitting and waiting for things to compile but that’s fine, because I can be doing what I’ve been doing for a few days now: clearing out minor tech-related todos, sorting things out, which is great.

Been considering the idea of pumping this blog into Facebook via RSS. This is because my remaining sterile and out here and isolated, I’m just being awkward for the sake of it because by putting the blog into where everyone else’s blog is it’s for their benefit in their medium, it doesn’t mean I am endorsing Facebook myself—that’s up to me going and my usage and visiting the site, which won’t increase above occasionally responding to a comment, I guess. For most people it seems that Twitter and Facebook are their RSS readers, and I shouldn’t be awkward about that just for the sake of it.

Another instance of this is me and messenging. I’ve got this stupid idea in my head that everything has to be done by e-mail, and if it’s not there then I’ll ask someone to put it there—this is stupid, because my diary is quite capable of accepting appointments from elsewhere. I mean that’s why I use Org: plain text is inter-operable. I can even pipe IM conversations straight into it with a quick M-x insert-buffer. So SMSs are fine too. I’ve made an effort over the past few weeks to actually check my phone and be contactable by text.