Very tempted to merge my blogs back together, keeping the title “Notes from the Library” for both since “Intellectual Scribblings” is getting a bit old.

The reasons for the split:

  • Different stylings — titles are more important on my ‘proper’ blog, dates are more important over here.
  • Some people want to read my blog but don’t care about all the junk I post on here.


  • I believe PyBlosxom will let me have different post styles for different categories, which means I could put my blog under /writing/diary, /writing/soapbox etc., eliminating the templating differences.
  • Similarly I can direct people to /writing/ who just want blog stuff.
  • PyBlosxom’s strict categorising feels more powerful than two separate blogs.
  • I often post content on the ‘wrong’ blog anyway.
  • The separation probably confuses more people than it aids.

/Postscript 13/iv/2011:/ This has now been done.

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What I did on my website (custom Django code) is to have two nominally separate blogs, under separate domains, in one single database – they could just as well be regarded as categories – with the ability to have a single post in both blogs (with shared comments and all), and to move posts from one blog to the other without breaking permalinks. So if I change my mind about where a post belongs, or can’t make up my mind at all, I have full flexibility.

Comment by thomas Tue 12 Apr 2011 12:51:10 UTC
comment PFSE09IP19D0KTRI

Cool, but moving posts and their comments between my blogs is as simple as a few mv commands — my concern is more about those reading the blogs, not my administration of it.

Comment by sean Tue 12 Apr 2011 13:18:48 UTC