I started blogging in 2005. Posts older than February 2011 are archived here and here. There are some images missing from these archives; I still have copies somewhere if they are wanted.

COMMENT old version of this post with title “My First Post” replaced 21/xii/2012

Below is the first post on my first blog in 2005. Since then the site has gone through numerous front and backend changes. I have imported this post so that the archives link for April 2005 appears, so that I may make this note: all my older posts are still available, I just haven’t imported them to this blog yet. You will find them here, or here. SPW 23/xii/2011

Okay, for my first post, we have bullet points:

  • After several attempts, my blog is finally operational! W00t!
  • I have no idea of the purpose of this blog, so am going to break tradition and not make the first post on my blog a mission statement.
  • This blog will hopefully be in coherent English, rather than text language.
  • I don’t know how long I am going to stick with this, but hopefully will until I run out of stuff to write about.
  • My profile is not fully filled in, but you should get a good idea of what I am like by reading the blog.
  • This post may be edited to include more stuff when I think of it.

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Xyrael @ 13th April 2005, 1751

Yay! A test comment! This is just to say that I am not responsible for comments and I have not figured out if I have any moderation powers over them or not, so let’s just say that I hope you will be civil and mature in what you post here, if you post at all.