When we started an A-level philosophy course at my school back in 2007, our teacher wanted to have the content available online so I set up a MediaWiki installation within which he wrote up all our course material, and where we occasionally posted essays. It ended up being a mostly read-only resource with only occasional contributions from anyone other than our teacher, but we all came to know and love the MediaWiki print stylesheet filling up our folders.

Then the new A-levels came along with AQA-produced, really poor quality textbooks, and the school made our teacher do his notes with their proprietary interactive whiteboard software, and the wiki fell into disuse. Since it’s hosting contract is coming to a close I’ve prepared a dump of all the pages to preserve the content, and some memorial screenshots.

silverdalephilos.zip (15M)

Shame the three most recent changes thing isn’t working anymore.

(The site was originally at the address http://philosophy.silentflame.com/; these images are of a temporary a copy I made for dumping purposes.)