A very long time ago Peter gave me a copy of his entire “DnD” folder, which mostly consisted of things downloaded online, and one thing that I wish I hadn’t lost—I mean I am pretty sure it exists in my backups somewhere but that would take ages—was two txt files containing the 25 types of player and the 28 types of GM. Well, the other day I stumbled across them:

Role Player Classes


  1. Verbose - “The door is solid oak, bound with 4 iron bands of

roughly equal width, spaced equidistant along its width, and the wood is polished smooth, stained a dark brown, except for a small patch near the bottom which is blacker. The hinges are not visible from this side, but you notice the exquisite design of the lock, the faceplate of which is a starburst design, edged in gold or maybe polished copper or brass, it’s kind of hard to tell with the torchlight, but the knocker is definitely cast iron and you see …” (sounds of snoring from party members)

  1. Leading and Overbearing - “You pump the bartender for information

and he tells you about a red dragon’s lair to the west.” “Too risky. We go to hear rumours somewhere else.” “A man offers to hire you to clean out a red dragon’s lair for him.” “We say `no, thank you’ and leave for the next village.” “On the way to the village you stumble onto a red dragon’s lair …”