I am considering something rather drastic and I want to check that I’m not missing some major disadvantage.

  1. Download all my tweets, all my @-replies and DMs.
  2. Download a list of all followers and who I followed.
  3. Nuke my timeline.
  4. Unfollow everyone.
  5. Subscribe to the Twitter feeds of those few friends who only post to Twitter and so I can’t keep up with otherwise, via RSS.
  6. Leave Twitter account existent to preserve “I was there in 2006.”
  7. Basically continue exactly as I am now but without endorsing a stupid way to communicate and still sending the occasional tweet.
  8. Do the same with identi.ca.

Possible problems:

  • Some users have protected timelines. I shall have to keep following them via Twitter and read that with twitter2rss as I do now I guess.
  • This is irreversible. All that history! But I’m not losing the actual data, so…
  • Some friends use @-replies for quick communication for real-life-based organising stuff. However there is always SMS. In terms of the incoming messages—I guess I’ll have to stay on twitter2rss for now.

Any more?

This makes me sad, as there was time when you were the most active and interesting person I followed on Twitter, and you were very into it. I always hope you’ll get back into it again.

I don’t really see why you would do this; I don’t see any advantage to it.

Comment by jr512 Thu 26 May 2011 18:36:00 UTC