I’ve put my 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons books up for sale on Amazon Marketplace[1] this morning, after spending about an hour and a half comparing eBay and Amazon and playing around. Amazon’s fees are higher and you don’t get much to cover delivery, but I think I can get a higher price for my rarer books to counteract this somewhat and Amazon means avoiding PayPal and fighting against eBay searches and the like.

I’ve listed the books as new because they’ve not been read more than a book in a shop on the shelf might be read, because I had read other people’s copies cover to cover before I got them and have PDFs for reference anyway. And this is why I’m selling them, too. I’ve got the references I need and we barely play this game anymore anyway. In fact we barely play any games :(

I’m trying not to worry too much about how I could get much more if I waited a few years when they are rarer or used eBay etc.etc. because it’s not significant in the grand scheme of my life and right now this is being done with a purpose in mind (buying an e-reader) so as long as I can fulfill that purpose I should be happy with the situation.

If you know me in person and want the books cheaper we may be able to negotiate (Amazon’s terms mean I’m not allowed to state a cheaper price on this blog).

[1] Amusingly if you visit the book via this store page, I appear as the only seller so you get “Dispatched and sold by Sean Whitton” and “only 1 left in stock—order soon” etc.