I’ve been a subscriber to LWN for a while now, courtesy of BitFolk, and I really enjoy reading it each week. It covers a wide enough range of free software activities, from GNU Emacs development to involved kernel internals to moves being made by the distributions, that I am able to keep abreast of a lot of tech stuff through one publication rather than having to be subscribed to a lot of blogs which I don’t really have time for. And there are interesting features on new stuff that I haven’t come across before. It’s mainstream in the sense that really cool stuff probably isn’t going to appear for a while, but I can live with that.

The other week there was an edition that was particularly high in the interesting article count (so I read a much higher percentage than usual; I rarely read very much of the kernel and security pages), and I wanted to share some of the links.

A decline in email spam?

Vsftpd backdoor discovered in source code (The H)

A look at Gawk 4.0.0

Copyright, copyleft, and culture

VLC and unwelcome redistributors

Semantic MediaWiki: Toward smarter wikis (really cool)

Making GEGL useful for applications beyond GIMP

Malcolm: A visualization of GCC’s passes as a subway map

IPv6 NAT (poignant)