Since I now have no Twitter account and would still like to follow some friends, I’ve written a script which, combined with newspipe, means that I get a daily e-mail with all the tweets of those I’m following. The reason this is non-trivial is that it’s combining multiple RSS feeds into one e-mail—maybe there are other tools that Just Do This, but I wanted to integrate with my existing newspipe setup so I wrote a python script to merge the feeds.

Most of script from here, and Jonathan helped me debug because I was tired and have forgotten most of my Python.

This script grabs the feeds and merges them together:

#+INCLUDE: /home/swhitton/bin/

Here is the newspipe config:

<outline text="Twitter" digest="1" titles="0" ownerEmail="hidden_address">
  <outline text="Twitter"
       xmlUrl="" />

And the cron jobs:

0 18 * * * /home/swhitton/src/newspipe/ -i /home/swhitton/etc/newspipe.ini
30 17 * * * /home/swhitton/bin/

Edit 11/vii/2011: Script now excludes @-replies to people you don’t follow.

I’ll not get offended at not seeing my name there.  It’s true, I do tweet far too regularly and usually about not very interesting things, so I’ll let you off not wanting my tweets.  ;-)

Comment by isabell121 Wed 22 Jun 2011 13:42:30 UTC