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I would like to be able to access my e-mail and instant messenging from South Korea but I don’t want to have to trust any terminal there with my shell account password. Enter Skeys. continue reading this entry

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“Nietzsche is close not only to the man who was the grandfather of so much in modern English and American philosophy, David Hume, but also to this modern philosophy itself. Occasionally he anticipated it by several decades, and it might still profit from his stimulation. Above all, however, Nietzsche is the last best bridge between positivism and existentialism, if we take both labels in the widest possible sense. Today German and Romance philosophy and Anglo-American “analysis” are completely out of touch with each other. Thus Nietzsche, once stupidly denounced as the mind that caused the First World War, might well become a major aid to international understanding: reminding Continental European and South American thinkers of the benfits of rigorous analysis, while at the same time summoning English-speaking philosophers to consider the “existential” implications of their thinking. In his irreverent exposes of metaphysical foibles and fables he yields to none. But he is inspired not by Hume’s comfortable smugness, nor by Comte’s conceit that he might revolutionize society, nor by the cliquish delight in sheer proficiency and skill that occasionally besets contemporary efforts. Instead he is motivated by an intense concern with the meaning of his thought for the individual. And thus he not only anticipates both modern “analysis” and existentialism, but he has much to offer each: above all, an approach to the other major strain of modern secular philosophy.” (Walter Kaufmann’s introduction to The Portable Nietzsche)

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The Perks of Being a Wallflower trailer | tomaca12

After watching this I retract earlier thoughts I had that Emma Watson would be annoying as Sam—she’s fine. However I think of the book totally different to this. The normal response would be “go see the film to get another’s interpretation of it” but I think that the book means too much to me to be willing to do that, so I don’t think I’ll go and see it.

Specifically: I don’t see the book as being about a trio of high school kids that don’t fit in. That’s part of the book but one of the least important parts.

(thanks Jonathan for the link to Anna’s blog)

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Just had set theory exam. This is the easiest course I do, and thankfully the exam was really easy too. Except that as per usual I didn’t really take advantage of that, and couldn’t do stuff, under pressure, that I know I can do. I get this course. I can do standard questions in it. Yet I just can’t think clearly about maths in time-limited conditions.

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Metamath Proof Explorer

This is where you can finally find the elusive ¬¬α → α and α → ¬¬α proofs.

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Deadman.org: SSH-Agent Forwarding and GNU Screen

This is for situations when: SSH from work to a screen session which then wants to SSH elsewhere with agent-forwarding. Detach and go home and then can’t SSH from that screen session because it looks for the work agent, not the home agent.

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“The professionalization of philosophy means that every possible philosophical position in logical space will find a defender sooner or later… | Leiter Reports”

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It’s been three years but finally Emacs 24 is out! There are a lot of new features and some interesting defaults changes which bring Emacs into the 21st century (obviously these will annoy me so much I’ll be making sure my Emacs still behaves as it used to).

Not sure what the best way to install this is on Debian atm.

Here are some blog posts about the changes:

A Peek at Emacs 24 | (think)

What’s New In Emacs 24 (part 1) | Mastering Emacs

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Add to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb http://emacs.naquadah.org/ stable/
deb-src http://emacs.naquadah.org/ stable/


,# wget -q -O - http://emacs.naquadah.org/key.gpg | sudo apt-key add -
,# apt-get update
,# apt-get install emacs-snapshot
,# update-alternatives --set emacs /usr/bin/emacs-snapshot

This post the first thing I’ve done in Emacs 24!

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It finally hit most of us last night, at the final bop of the year, that it’s the end of our third year and thus the end for most of their lives as undergraduates, and for some of us the end of being a member of a proper-sized yeargroup as we go into the socially quite different fourth year.

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The SDF Public Access UNIX System, which hosts this website and my e-mail and my backups, has turned twenty-five years old this weekend. I’ve only been a member for two months but I really love the community and appreciate so much the effort put in by those behind it.


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I just finished reading Logicomix, which purports to tell the story that forms the bridge content in my degree course, between maths and philosophy: the search for foundations in mathematics in the wake of all the stuff that goes on in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. continue reading this entry

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We, the Web Kids

A lot of this is wishy-washy and uninteresting. The stuff on copyleft, §2, is particularly good though.

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This is why I will die if I am ever forced to use an Apple Macintosh regularly. Also:

The first takeaway is that Apple OS engineers don’t want you to do stuff that they don’t want you to do, and they specifically define “stuff they don’t want you to do” as “stuff they don’t think you want to do.” This is actually endemic to Apple forums in general. Whenever someone says “I want focus follows mouse behavior!”, some people inevitably reply that “you really don’t want to do this”. It’s that whole “we designed it the right way for everyone” mentality that turns off so many would-be Mac users.

The thought, otherwise, is

So I’ll keep using my Macs. They’re all just plumbing for Emacs, anyway. And now my plumbing has nicer fonts.

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Beating the Anxiety of Online Reading | zenhabits

This post offers a nice way of thinking about experiences in response to people feeling overwhelmed with following things online. I don’t usually like the author’s writing but I liked this post. This one was also alright.

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Loading up sparse MP3 player ready for trip to South Korea departing early Friday morning. Optimistic, since I don’t think I’ll be running much in the 35–40 degree heat with high humidity.

Sorry the scrot window is visible…

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Still very sad about everyone leaving. Have huge amounts of direction, since getting ready for trip to Korea, but have never felt so directionless as I do now. continue reading this entry

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